Curiosities about the Cathedral of Monreale


Holger Uwe Schmitt - CC4.0

Through its symbolism, the cathedral of Monreale contains precise messages addressed to the people.
The central space of the Cathedral of Monreale is divided by two rows of columns. These columns are all in gray granite, except the first on the right, which is in cipollino marble. Obviously, this choice hides a profound meaning: the columns that support the arches represent God holding the church, aided by man. The man is represented by that column in poorer material.
On the pillar to the right of the altar, on the wall overlooking the royal throne, there is the mosaic with Christ crowning William II, facing the one with William II who offers the Virgin the Cathedral of Monreale, positioned above the bishop's throne. In this case we find an explicit propaganda of the figure of the sovereign rewarded by divine favor. Indeed, the mosaic underlines that the power of the sovereign derives directly from God and does not require any intermediary.

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