Places of Divorzio all'Italiana


gnuckx - CC2.0

Catania, in particular the waterfront area, appear in the scenes of the film Divorzio all'italiana.
The 1961 film, directed by Pietro Germi, won the Oscar for best original screenplay. The protagonist is Marcello Mastroianni, in the role of Fefè, the baron Ferdinando Cefalù. The man has been married for twelve years to a woman he no longer loves while nurturing a strong passion for his sixteen-year-old cousin Angela, played by Stefania Sandrelli. The young Fefè is ready to ride the defects of the Criminal Code to follow its intersections. Italian law did not allow divorce but allowed the crime of honor, that is, a murder punished with a lesser penalty for those who have been dishonored. Fefè puts his plan into action: to find a lover for his wife and then try to surprise them together and commit the murder under the guise of an honor killing, to then be able to marry Angela. Unfortunately, things will not go as the protagonist had foreseen even if after various vicissitudes he will still be able to marry the young cousin. However, the film ends with the girl who pays attention to the young helmsman of the boat on which she is on her honeymoon with Mastroianni.
Among the scenes shot in Catania, the one in which Fefè meets the lawyer De Marzi in a restaurant in the port of Ognina on the Catania seafront is significant.

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