The Footprint of Sant'Agata and the Devil


In Mascali, in the district "a pidata di Sant’Aita", "the footprint of Sant’Agata", it is said that Sant'Agata left his mark.
According to the legend, one day the young girl from Catania, crossing the territory of Mascali, in the territory of Acireale, suddenly stopped at the sight of the devil who was trying to tempt her. Saint Agatha immediately asked the help of the Most High and even the devil stopped before fleeing in terror. Two footprints from this encounter remained imprinted on the lava: one in human form, the tread of Saint Agatha, the other rounded like that of a horse's foot, the devil's tread. On a side street of via Rogatuso, at the end of via Pedata sant’Agata, there is an altar with a nineteenth-century image of the Catania saint. This altar indicates the place where, carved into the rock, it is possible to admire the two singular footprints. In Sicily there are other similar tales relating to the "foot of Sant'Agata": a first story in Catania , in the church of Sant'Agata al Carcere, and a Second story in Palermo , linked to the presumed Palermo origins of the Saint.

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