"Historic Villas of Caltagirone" itinerary


Clemensfranz - CC3.0

“Historic Villas of Caltagirone” is a guided itinerary to discover the historic villas of the city.
"Historic Villas of Caltagirone" is the itinerary promoted by the association "Historic Villas of Caltagirone" and by the Municipality of Caltagirone which includes an urban trek between 5 historic privately owned villas, Villa Remigia, Villa Spadaro Gravina, Villa Di Martino, Villa Minniti and Villa Branciforti, and two villas belonging to the Municipality of Caltagirone, Villino Milazzo and Villa Patti, home to the Museum of historic Caltagirone and Sicilian villas.
It is a complex of villas and parks built between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries in the adjacent to the Convent of Santa Maria di Gesù, testimony of the well-being and cultural interests of the nobility of the time, places of refuge during the earthquake of 1693 and the riots of the people of 1799. It seems that almost the whole wide plain around the convent complex was divided in a few large estates mostly belonging to the Fanales and Crescimanno families. Over the centuries a real system of villas was established which, due to the vastness and quality of the buildings and the flora rich in exotic and rare essences, competed with Palermo and had no comparison with other Sicilian cities.
The itinerary winds its way through. along a 3 km route, to be covered on foot, with a rather low level of difficulty as it is flat and without architectural barriers.

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