Places of La Matassa movie


La Matassa movie was entirely shot in Sicily. Catania is one of the main locations of the film.
La Matassa is a italian comedy with the Sicilian comic duo Ficarra and Picone. The movie, directed by Ficarra and Picone and Giambattista Avellino from 2009, tells the story of two cousins, Gaetano and Paolo, who spent their childhood together but who, due to differences between their parents, had to separate, thus growing up while maintaining a cold relationship: it will be a funeral to bring them back together, with unpredictable consequences.
The main locations of the set of "La Matassa" are Catania, Paternò, a town in the province of Etna, and Ragusa. In particular, the scene of the chase and escape of the two cousins ​​from the mafia was filmed in Catania: the appointment with the mafia was filmed at the Bellini Garden. The pursuit continues towards Largo Paisiello where the double flight of stairs overlooking the square is followed and finally the square where the escape ends and where the police arrest the mafia is Piazza Duca di Genova in Catania.

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