Legend of the beautiful castellana


G. De Stefano - CC2.0

The legend of the beautiful castellana tells of a woman of great charm who lived in the "Castelluccio", a mysterious manor not far from Gela.
The beautiful castellana was a tall, slender woman with splendid black hair, wearing a strange green lipstick, so green that some thought it came from her bile. He wore a wonderful two-tone cloak, blue inside and green outside and delighted the peasants and passers-by with his melodious songs. The beautiful Castellana took care of the servants and took care of the horses that reached the manor in large numbers during the meetings of the master, her husband. She was a singular figure, beautiful, but also cruel, very strict with the servants.
All men were irresistibly attracted to her, but anyone who tried to approach her never returned and disappeared into thin air. For this reason no one paid a visit. to the Castelluccio. The nobles who wanted to discuss business with her preferred to send her messengers, who promptly disappeared into thin air before returning. Even the carrier pigeons disappeared into thin air.
Many other legends surround the Castelluccio di Gela: it tells of a mysterious armed knight who often wandered around this mysterious place without anyone ever being able to approach him; it tells of strange shadows that protect a precious treasure ...

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