Legend of Castelluzzo


The legend of Castelluzzo di Castiglione di Sicilia tells of a hidden treasure and a spell that guards it.
The legend refers to the "Trovatura", very common in Sicily, that is, the discovery of hidden treasures that can only materialize following the execution of rituals to break bond spells. In Castiglione, in the Chiappazza area, there is a place that has always been shrouded in mystery. This is where "A chioccia chi Puddicini d’oru" or "The hen with the Golden Chicks" is found. There are discordant rumors about the nature of the spell that can materialize the treasure, but what is certain is that only an extraordinarily important event will bring out this treasure. Of course, everything must be accompanied by kabbalistic evocations. It is said that, in an unspecified time, a medium had managed to carry on the spell by making the treasure appear but the non-observance of the rules not only made the unfortunate disappear, but also angered the spirit, which stamped its foot hard on the rock to the point of leaving its mark.

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