Legend of the Aeolus Grotto


Sailko - CC3.0

According to the legend, the Aeolus Grotto in Stromboli is the place where Aeolus chose to guard the winds.
According to classical mythology Aeolus, the God of the winds, had his home in the Aeolian islands and had obtained from Zeus the role of advisor to the gods and tamer of the winds. The winds, which were kept in the caves and inside a wineskin in his palace in Lipari, were released according to the will of the gods or the pleas of mortals and could also cause very serious damage. It is said that the impetuous force of these winds caused the detachment of Sicily from the rest of the continent.
According to Greek mythology, at the hour of his death Aeolus chose to guard the winds in the cave known today as Grotta di Eolo and, as a reward, he received from the gods the gift of immortality.

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