The god Elios and the Egadi islands


In Greek mythology, the legend of the god Elios and the Egadi islands explains the origins of the names of the islands of the archipelago.
According to legend, the god Elios, the god of the solar star, sent his flock to the pastures of the island of Trinacria, Sicily, entrusting it to the custody of two beautiful daughters, the shepherdesses Fauetusa and Lampatia, born from his embrace with the young Neerea.
It was thus that the names of the Egadi islands originated from the name of the two shepherdesses and from that of their mother: from "Foetusa" derives "Auegusa", "Favignana", from "Lampatia" derives "Pharbantia", "Levanzo" and from "Neerea" derives "Hiera", Marettimo.

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