Legend of the Ravanusa Foundation


Luislm - CC1.0

Ravanusa was founded in the Norman period when Roger of Hauteville conquered Agrigento and the surrounding territory. Afterwards the story mixes with the legend.
It is said that the Norman army, due to the excessive heat and lack of water, was about to succumb to the Saracen forces. It was then that Ruggero invoked the Virgin who pointed him to a fig tree that was located at the foot of Mount Saraceno. In that place water began to flow which quenched the army's thirst. Having regained their strength, the Norman army defeated the enemy.
As a sign of thanks, Roger had the first Christian temple dedicated to the Madonna del Fico and del Fonte built in that same place. The surviving Christians came down from the mountain and formed the first nucleus of a new town which was called Rivinuta, or rediscovered water.

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