Legend of the Giant Enceladus


The legend of Enceladus tells of the giant who was buried under Sicily, with Mount Etna above his head.
In Greek mythology, Enceladus, son of Gaea and Uranus, was one of the most feared giants. One day he decided to remove power from Jupiter to rule the world and, together with his brothers, he reached the abode of the gods by placing all the highest mountains in the world one on top of the other. Jupiter, angry at Enceladus's arrogance, hurled a bolt of lightning on the giants that set the whole sky on fire, blinding them. Enceladus was thus buried by the Etna mountain, he found himself below the island, in a decidedly uncomfortable position, holding Peloro on his right hand, Pachino on the left, Lilibeo on his legs, and Etna on his head. Unable to move, he began to spit flames from his chest that rose to the summit of Etna. His anger has not yet subsided and every now and then he still unleashes his strength by emitting lava flows.

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