Legend Madonna della Rocca in Taormina


The legend of the Madonna della Rocca tells the origins of the sanctuary that dominates Taormina.
The legend tells of a young shepherd boy who grazed his flock near the mountain. A sudden downpour forced him to take refuge with the sheep in the nearby cave. The storm became a cyclone and the young man was afraid. Then a beautiful lady dressed in blue appeared to him, comforted him and reassured him that soon the sun would appear. And so it was. The boy thus recounted what he had suffered and what he had seen in the cave. Many wanted to see the place immediately and noticed that on the rock, just where the lady dressed in blue had appeared to the shepherd boy, the figure of the Madonna was imprinted. The Bishop went in person to see the miracle and a church was erected on the spot, which has the living stone of the cave for walls and roof.

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