Legend of the Paladin Uzeta


Paolino.uccello - CC4.0

The Paladino Uzeta is the protagonist of a story born from imagination of a puppeteer from Catania, Don Raffaele Trombetta.
Uzeta was a humble, modest man of popular origins who became a knight thanks to his courage and tough values. Its history, in fact, comes to life from the popular legend of the Saracen giants who conquered the Ursino Castle. In fact, Frederick II of Swabia had this majestic and imposing castle built which overlooked the entire Gulf of Catania from the coast, dominating it. Due to its position, it was called, precisely, Castello del Golfo, or "Castrum sinus" in Latin. Over time, it lost its original pronunciation, acquiring the current name of the Bourbon building: Castello Ursino. For the people of Catania and their galloping imagination, however, the castle took its name rather from the disturbing presence of the Ursini Giants, who had occupied the fortress. At this point in history, we find the figure of the brave Uzeta who faced the terrible giants, defeating them with strength and vigor, and finally freeing the Castle from the oppressors. The paladin Uzeta thus won the benevolence of the King who in exchange granted him the hand of his daughter.
The legend of Paladin Uzeda is represented in one of the four artistic candelabra in Piazza Università in Catania.

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