Places of "L'avventura" - Taormina


Very famous is the last scene of the film "The Adventure" shot in Taormina in which you can see, in the background, the Mount Etna.
"The Adventure" of 1960 is one of Michelangelo Antonioni's most famous and cryptic films, in which the alleged protagonist disappears before halfway through the film without anyone knowing anything more until the end. While they are intent on looking for her, her boyfriend, Sandro and her friend Claudia, played by Monica Vitti, discover they are attracted to each other.
The film is all set in Sicily, with different locations from Noto to the Aeolian Islands; the ghost town of Schisina also appears in Francavilla di Sicilia, the place where Sandro and Claudia stop during their searches.
The film features the San Domenico Palace hotel in Taormina. Furthermore, the final scene, with the shot divided in half by a brick wall and the snow-capped Etna in the background, was shot in Taormina.

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