"Grande, Grosso and Verdone" - Taormina


Taormina is the place where one of the famous couples from the movie Grande, grosso e… Verdone spend their holidays.
"Grande, Grosso and...Verdone" is a 2008 film directed and starring Carlo Verdone. In the film Verdone brings three of his famous characters back to life: the candid, the talkative and the vulgar. Leo has his deceased mother to bury and faces a good deal of misfortune and a very unprofessional funeral home. Callisto is an obnoxious and pedantic professor who is for a moment believed to be lost in the catacombs, to the great joy of his son. Moreno and Enza are a couple of enriched peasants who face a series of misadventures on vacation.
It is precisely the couple Moreno and Enza who are on vacation in Sicily. The hotel where they go on holiday with their son is the Hotel San Domenico. Several scenes are shot in the hotel pool. The hotel in which the competitor of the reality show "L'Isola dei Primitives" with whom Enza will have a short relationship is staying is the AtaHotel Capotaormina. The symbol of Taormina also appears, the Greek theater, where Moreno accompanies the girl he met at the hotel.

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