Places of "The Godfather Part III"- Taormina


Schnäggli - CC3.0

In "The Godfather - Part III" some scenes were shot in Taormina, in particular the Taormina station is recognized.
In The Godfather Part III, last chapter by Francis Ford Coppola, always considered one of the best films ever made, which tells the story of the powerful Corleone mafia family.
In "The Godfather Part III", Michael Corleone, now elderly and weakened by diabetes. , begins a work of expulsion of the family from the world of the underworld by throwing himself into legal affairs with the Vatican Bank, and finds in Vincent Mancini, the illegitimate son of his brother Sonny, a worthy heir to the leadership of his criminal empire.
The station of Taormina, which in the film is Bagheria station, is the place where Michael Corleone goes to welcome his ex-wife Kay.

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