Places of "Intrigue in Taormina" - Taormina


Grey48 - CC1.0

The Greek theater, the square and the streets of the center of Taormina are the set for the film "Intrigo a Taormina".
Intrigo a Taormina is a 1960 Italian comedy, directed by Giorgio Bianchi and a sparkling cast with Ugo Tognazzi, Walter Chiari, Gino Cervi and Sylva Koscina. The comedy tells the complex amorous intertwining that takes place on Commendator Lemeni's luxurious boat on a cruise to Sicily.
The scenes of the film were shot in Palermo, Lipari and of course in Taormina.
In the film it is possible to recognize many glimpses of the historic center of Taormina including Corso Umberto I °, Piazza IX Aprile and via Don Giovanni Bosco. The Greek theater of Taormina also appears, it is the place where there is the long clarification between the Sicilian nobleman and Luciana, silvia Koscina, after the past quarrels.

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