Landlord of the Turks


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A stretch of coast in Augusta is known as the Sbarcatore dei Turchi. It is an ancient landing place of Saracen pirates.
Two episodes related to the Sbarcatore dei Turchi are still remembered today.
The first episode, which took place in July 1551, tells that the Augustan hermit Paolo Serra who lived at the current Punta Serpaolo saw a Saracen ship dock from which about a hundred Saracen pirates disembarked. The friar started ringing a bell to warn the local population, but was killed by pirates.
The second episode, which took place in May 1594, tells that, as soon as the Saracens arrived in Augusta, San Domenico appeared from the sky on of a horse. The Saint, brandishing a sword, threateningly made his way towards the Saracens who fled in terror.

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Sbarcatore dei Turchi

Sbarcatore dei Turchi
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