"Trovatura" of mount Balsamà in Castiglione


The legend of Mount Balsamà, in Castiglione di Sicilia, is linked to the "finding" of a hidden treasure.
According to the "finding" only the execution of rituals to break binding spells would have allowed the treasure kept on the summit of Monte Balsamà, in Contrada Chiappazza in Castiglione di Sicilia, to materialize in correspondence with a large stone that indicates the exact place. The legend is fueled by some incomprehensible signs on the rock, even if almost worn by time, which probably date back to the Iron Age. It is said that in the past many attempts have been made to take possession of a treasure buried on the spot, but always without success.
According to the legend, a circle should be drawn around the gigantic stone, a medium with five or more people should subsequently enter the circle, and here, without breaking the dictated rules, the medium can begin to evoke mysterious cabalistics.
It is said that once, someone managed to make the treasure materialize, but unfortunately, before the evoked spirit gave the permission to take it, one of the followers touched it, suddenly everything disappeared, including the poor unfortunate.

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