"Truvatura" in the County of Modica


In an unspecified location in the County of Modica it is said that a treasure is hidden under a spell.
As in any Sicilian "truvatura", the discovery of the treasure occurs only following the dissolution of a binding spell. In the case of the "truvatura" of the County of Modica, the ritual necessary for the discovery of the treasure is very strange but very detailed: to take possession of the treasure you have to undress completely naked, lie down on the spot in mouthfuls, light three candles around the treasure, holding in one hand a dead mouse and in the other a snake also dead and as if that were not enough, you have to remain motionless for three hours, from eleven in the evening to two in the morning, without being frightened by noises and apparitions and imitating the song of the rooster and reciting a conjuration.

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