Legend of Gammazita


Davide Mauro - CC4.0

The well of Gammazita in Catania is linked to the legend of a girl named Gammazita, beautiful and of great virtue.
The story takes place at the time of the Angevin domination and tells of a French soldier who fell in love with the young girl, whose advances were however denied by the young woman, who was already engaged. Precisely on the day of her wedding, while Gammazita went, as every day, to get water from a well, the soldier violently attacked her and the girl, seeing herself precluded from any way out, preferred to throw herself into the nearby well rather than yield to the soldier violence.
In the heart of the historic center of Catania, in the ancient Jewish ghetto, there is a old water well which handed down the legend of the young Gammazita.

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