Church of San Giuseppe in Agira

Church of San Giuseppe in Agira

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Via Diodorea, 343 - Agira (EN)

The church of San Giuseppe and the annexed Benedictine Monastery of Agira were built in 1285 at the behest of the House of Aragon and dedicated to the cult of Maria Santissima della Recommended.
In the second half of the 19th century, thanks to a large legacy of Countess Gravina, the nuns of the convent began to take care of the orphans. However, the premises were found to be inadequate for the new needs, so the nuns and orphans moved to the convent of the Madonna delle Grazie, in the lower part of the town.
In 1893 the monastery was purchased and became the property of the Capuchin Friars and called the Convent of San Joseph. In 1927 the friars moved to Syracuse and the convent was closed. It was subsequently purchased by the Municipality of Agira and today it is used for cultural events.

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