Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Caltagirone

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Caltagirone


 VVia Luigi Sturzo, 167 - Caltagirone (CT)

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Caltagirone is part of the vast civic museum articulation of Caltagirone, MACC, which includes the International Museum of the Luigi Colaleo Nativity Collection, the Museum of the Caltagirone and Sicilian Historic Villas, and the Civic Museum at the Bourbon Prison.
The Museum is housed in the late seventeenth-century Ospedale delle Donne, with a neo-Renaissance façade from the nineteenth century, and since 1996 it has housed the most significant works of the Caltagirone ceramist Gianni Ballarò and other collections by various contemporary artists.
The Museum was born in 1996 on the occasion of the generous donation of the works of a well-known Calatino artist, Gianni Ballarò, by his wife, Mrs. Carmela Pasqualino. The museum also houses works from the various editions of the National Exhibition of Ceramics, organized by the Municipality of Caltagirone since the 1980s, to which acquisitions and donations have been added. The origin and cultural matrix of the artists are varied and heterogeneous.
The gallery has a rich specialized video library, a documentary and photographic archive and an interesting library.

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