Crescimanno d’Albafiorita Palace in Caltagirone

Crescimanno d’Albafiorita Palace in Caltagirone

Carlo Pelagalli - CC3.0


 Piazza Umberto I, 19 - Caltagirone (CT)

Palazzo Crescimanno d'Albafiorita in Caltagirone dates back to the seventeenth century and even precedes the terrible earthquake of the Val di Noto in 1693, in which most of the buildings in the city were destroyed.
The palace belonged to the Crescimanno Counts and in the course over the centuries it has hosted illustrious personalities such as King Ferdinando Il di Borbone and other important notables who visited the city of Caltagirone.
The upper part of the building overlooks Piazza Umberto l and offers visitors a magnificent and unique view of the cathedral , in particular the bell tower and the majestic majolica dome and allows an integral view of the Scala Santa Maria del Monte, always from the balconies of the structure.

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