Spadaro Libertini Palace a Caltagirone

Spadaro Libertini Palace a Caltagirone


 Via S. Bonaventura, 22 - Caltagirone (CT)

Spadaro Libertini Palace in Caltagirone is one of the oldest and most prestigious buildings in the city.
It was rebuilt on a pre-existing sixteenth-century structure that belonged to Bonaventura Secusio, bishop of Catania and diplomat born in Caltagirone in 1558. The reconstruction works were started in 1725 by Barbaro Maggiore Marquis of Santa Barbara and ended in 1732. The property was later sold to Michelangelo Libertini dei Baroni di S. Marco, Patrizio di Caltagirone, who made it his sumptuous home on the main floor: white lacquered fixtures and gold, furniture produced in France, damask and Aubusson carpets from Versailles and Aubusson, vaults of the Salons decorated by the best local artists and enriched with paintings by Francesco Vaccaro, doors of the reception rooms in glass embellished with splendid paintings depicting exotic animals and flowers which recall the decorations of the vaults.
Following donations, the Palace then becomes the property of Fran cesco Spadaro di Passanitello, distinguished historian, heraldist, archaeologist and mayor of Caltagirone. It was then that the palace took the name of Palazzo Spadaro Libertini. Since then, the del Palazzo's have become the seat of primary institutions and have welcomed prominent personalities from the world of literature and politics at a national level. and to the tapestries that characterize them: the Hall of Coat of Arms, the Hall of Marbles, the Yellow Hall, the Hall of Mirrors or Red, the Blue Hall and the Castle Hall, the latter characterized by a wall dating back to the time of Roger I dominated by a cruise vault.
At certain times of the year it is possible to book visits to the Palace.

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