Pollicarini Palace in Enna

Pollicarini Palace in Enna


 Via Roma, 439 - Enna (EN)

The Palazzo Pollicarini di Enna is a fortified noble residence dating back to the 16th century in the Gothic-Catalan style. It was the home of the Falanga, Petroso and, from the 19th century, Patelmo families.
It has an imposing Baroque entrance portal, surmounted by an elegant cornice, which leads into the courtyard, into which a pointed arched portico with a radial crown opens . The building is spread over two floors. A large monumental staircase connects the courtyard to the noble floor and to the reception rooms. The top is illuminated by three rectangular windows on which a perforated frame with arabesques is superimposed. At the crown there is a cornice composed of arches and shaped Aragonese cornices.

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