Archaeological park in Ramacca

The Ramacca Archaeological Park, known as the Archaeological Park of the Mountain and Torricella, contains remains dating back to the Neolithic and the Greek period.
The park contains three distinct archaeological areas:
The prehistoric village of Torricella dating back to the period between 2200 and 1500 BC. where there is a village of the Castelluccio facies.
The site of Cozzo Santa Maria, which has traces starting from the Neolithic age, 5000 BC, and frequented since the modern age.
The Mountain of Ramacca, in whose area a considerable quantity of archaeological finds have been found. Thanks to the excavations carried out, the various periods of attendance and the urban structure have been reconstructed, and two sacred areas and three necropolises have been identified.
In the Castellito district, moreover, the remains of a Roman villa have been identified, in which they are still visible traces of mosaic flooring.

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