Feast of the Madonna dei Campi in Vizzini

Feast of the Madonna dei Campi in Vizzini

Jez Timms su unsplash

 Jul 2024

 Vizzini Scalo - Vizzini (EN)

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The feast of the Madonna dei Campi in Vizzini takes place in Vizzini Scalo, a small rural village built around the railway station located a few kilometers from Vizzini. In this small village there is a small church which guaranteed the festive spiritual assistance of the personnel in charge and of the settlers of the area.
The devotion to the Virgin Mary of the Fields was born out of a need for help against the adversities of nature so that the farmers would not lack the vital sustenance for their families.
Today the festival is still deeply felt and participated in by the entire population and includes moments of faith and folklore: the Solemn Eucharistic celebration and the release of the Simulacrum in the Churchyard, the blessing of the rustic table, the parade of horses and the evocative torchlight vigil in front of the church.

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