Feast of Madonna dell'Alemanna in Gela

Feast of Madonna dell'Alemanna in Gela

 Sep 2024

 Gela (CL)

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The Madonna dell'Alemanna Festival in Gela takes place every year on 8 September.
The rich religious program of preparation for the feast culminates in the festivities on 8 September when a solemn Pontifical is celebrated and in the late afternoon the procession of the icon takes place through the city streets. During the procession there is the traditional undressing of the children and several significant stops: at the monumental cemetery to entrust the deceased to Mary; to the Palazzo di Città to invoke support and wisdom on the administrators; to viale Mediterraneo for the blessing of the sea; to the Mulino a Vento to recommend economic operators and industrial workers; at Porta Caltagirone to ask for protection in the Gela countryside.
On the occasion of the celebrations in honor of the Madonna dell'Alemanna, various recreational events are held: the traditional Palio dell'Alemanna, the usual appointment of the game "la cuccagna a mare", better known as "U paliu 'a 'ntinna", various sports competitions in the neighborhoods. From daytime 5 are traditionally set up exhibitions of local crafts and stalls in the city streets.

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