Feast of Saint Joseph in Marettimo

Feast of Saint Joseph in Marettimo

 2024 March

 Marettimo (TP)

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In Marettimo, on March 19, the celebrations for the patron saint San Giuseppe take place.
The celebrations begin with a novena and the setting up, in the homes of the faithful, of the "Altars of San Giuseppe": large tables where on display the image of the saint framed by symbolic objects such as three oranges, the "cucciddrati", that is typical loaves of bread, lighted candles, vases full of "barcu", that is a plant that blooms in Marettimo in this period.
Il day before the musical band crosses the streets of the town and in the evening the whole population attends the rite of the "Duminiara": three large heaps of bundles of wood, which symbolize the Holy Family, are made to burn. Traditionally, the old boats are burned in the central fire.
On the day of the festival, March 19, a stage decorated with twigs of "murtiddra" is set up in the town's main square, that is the myrtle that at the end of the ceremony will adorn the champion of boats. After the religious rite, the traditional rites of the Lodged and the Admitated di Santi take place. The rite of the Lodged evokes the flight to Egypt of the Holy Family in search of hospitality. The three pilgrims or the three saints, that is, three people from the village representing Mary, Jesus and Joseph, once chosen from among the most needy on the island, symbolically knock on the closed door of the church accompanied by a chorus of women singing a traditional dirge. The three pilgrims will be denied entry twice but on the third attempt the doors open wide and the bells ring in celebration. L'Ammitata di Santi is the traditional lunch organized by families who offer the three Saints a lavish banquet in their own home. At the end of the ceremony, sweets and dishes are distributed to all present. In the afternoon the procession takes place during which the simulacrum is carried to every house in the town.
Day 20 are distributed to the families, during the morning, the "panuzzi" are distributed and in the afternoon the procession of San Francesco di Paola "U Santu Patri" takes place, patron saint of all seafarers, which closes the three days of celebration.

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