Feast of S. Agata in Catania

Feast of S. Agata in Catania

Leandro Neumann Ciuffo - CC2.0

 5 Feb 2024

 Piazza Duomo

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Programma 2024

programma festa di sant agata 2024 catania

The feast of Sant'Agata, patron saint of Catania, is one of the most beautiful patronal feasts in the world. It takes place in the streets of the city of Catania from 3 to 5 February. The festival is a mixture of worship, devotion, folklore and traditions that attracts up to a million people every year, including devotees and curious people. During the festival a silver fercolo, "a vara", with a bust containing the relics of the Saint, is tirelessly followed in procession by hundreds of devoted citizens clinging to two cords of over 100 meters. Over all the unanimous cry of devotion "Citizens, citizens, semu all devotees all?" The fercolo is a refined work of silverware. It was built by Vincenzo Archifel in 1519. Over the centuries, different workers have alternated in the embellishment of the work which over the centuries has undergone various transformations: the brands and initials on the silver parts are evidence of this. In the lower plinth several panels illustrate scenes from the life, the martyrdom of the Saint and the return to Catania of the relics from Constantinople. Above, crowning the roof, surrounded by statuettes in the round depicting the 12 apostles, are the symbols linked to Saint Agatha and her martyrdom such as a crown, a lily and a palm tree.

On the days 16 and 17 August the anniversary of the return to the homeland of the relics of Saint Agatha of Constantinople and the anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral Basilica are celebrated, on the occasion of which a busy liturgical program takes place and the transfer of the relics of the Patron Saint to the main altar takes place

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