Archimedean festivities in Siracusa

Archimedean festivities in Siracusa

 6 Jul 2024

 Isola di Ortigia - Siracusa (SR)

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The Archimedean Parties in Syracuse is a great event within which a variety of performances and events are organized that fill and enliven the squares, alleys, courtyards and historic buildings of the island of Ortigia. The themes that make up the event are many and varied: science, theatre, dance, music, opera, literature, philosophy, photography, figurative arts, new economy and educational workshops.

Dates and Scheduling

6 Jul 2024

18:00 The circular economy for the future of the planet.
 Palazzo Montalto

18:00 Artificial Intelligence: a journey between Science and Creativity, edited by Cristian Randieri.
 Piazza Duomo – Salone Borsellino

19:00 The future of cinema. New frontiers of the 21st century, edited by Associazione Post-cinema.
 Palazzo Montalto

– Educational workshops, curated by Maria Assenza Parisi.
– A penny for your thoughts I IC E. De Amicis with the students of the theater workshop of the I IC E. De Amicis. Responsible teachers: Chiara Catinella, Rita Spadaro, Manuela Spina.
– Green workshops. Renewable energies, organized by the Liceo O.M. Corbino of Syracuse. Responsible teachers: Donatella Colamasi and with the students of the two-year course.
– Archimedes from the 3rd century BC. to the third millennium, curated by Tecnoparco Archimede. Arenario Ass.Culturale, coordinated by Cinzia Vittorio, Erika Barresi, Tiziana Midolo.
– Labxplore: Scientific adventures between chemistry and physics organized by the I.I.S.S “Luigi Einaudi” of Syracuse. Responsible teachers: Concita Pitruzzello, Salvo La Delfa, Ilaria Motta, Gisella Buccheri, Marilena Sinatra, Francesca Cappuccio. Laboratory technicians: Pamela Costanzo, Ottavio Pipitone.
 Piazza Archimede

19:00 Planetarium laboratory,
organized by Siracusa Città Educativa.
 Fonte Aretusa – Acquario

19:00 Creative recycling and street art workshops
by Maria Assenza Parisi with the participation of the "Friends of Syracuse Educational City" associations.
 Fonte Aretusa villetta

– We are Sport. Sports climbing.
– Street Book. Author in Camper, by Alessandro Serra.
 Marina – Foro Italico

19:00 Water polo match
 Sette Scogli – Fonte Aretusa

20:00 Notes under the stars, edited by Mariuccia Cirinnà, Accademia delle Musae Auser.
 Palazzo della Provincia – Via Roma

21:00 Feste Archimedee Award, hosted by Oriana Vella.
 Piazza Minerva

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