Scauri beach in Pantelleria

Scauri beach in Pantelleria


 Scauri - Pantelleria (TP)

Scauri is one of the districts of the island of Pantelleria and is located on the south-west coast of the island. The second port of the island is located in Scauri, the ancient landing place used by the Romans.
The beach of Scauri is located near the old port, has simple access to the water and the possibility of using various services: bars, restaurants and rental services.
The beach is also recommended for lovers of diving due to the presence, at the entrance to the port, at a depth between 6 and 10 meters, of a 5th century wreck. A.D. probably sunk due to a fire.
The Scauri beach is served by a convenient parking. At the Porto Vecchio it is possible to rent boats and dinghies.

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