The Shoal of Capo Graziano in Filicudi

The Shoal of Capo Graziano in Filicudi

Stefano Cellini - CC4.0


 Filicudi (ME)

The Secca di Capo Graziano in Filicudi is the marine area that surrounds the Capo Graziano mountain and represents one of the main attractions of the island due to the importance of the finds kept in its backdrops. This area is in fact famous for the sudden shoals that have caused countless shipwrecks over the centuries. Today the seabed is rich in wrecks from Roman, Greek and more recent eras.
Given the importance of the site, a underwater archaeological museum has been established. which includes several archaeological routes to admire the nine wrecks and the finds lying on the bottom of Capo Graziano. The underwater museum is accessible only to the most experienced divers and in possession of an advanced license.

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