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 Stromboli (ME)

Strombolicchio is a volcanic islet located north-east of Stromboli and represents the northernmost point of the entire Sicilian Region.
It is an ancient volcano, the whose origins date back to around 200,000 years ago, and represents one of the oldest volcanic manifestations of the Aeolian Arc . Strombolicchio is what remains of the ancient volcanic building of Stromboli : in ancient times the magma found new paths and the site of the eruptions moved slightly so the volcanic building of Strombolicchio stopped erupting. Following the gradual erosion of its slopes, which disappeared completely, only a tower of solidified magma remained, known as the volcanic spine or neck , more resistant to atmospheric agents, which originally was inside the conduit volcanic.
Strombolicchio is characterized by steep cliffs overlooking the sea, it is uninhabited, devoid of water and arable land, but is home to an animal species, the Aeolian lizard, and a plant species, the rock grenade, both in via of extinction. In order to preserve this particular environment, a protected nature reserve has been established. On the island there is also a suggestive lighthouse, powered exclusively by solar energy.
Strombolicchio can be visited by boat but it is not possible to access it as it is a protected reserve.

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