Ginostra Village in Stromboli

Ginostra Village in Stromboli

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 Ginostra - Stromboli (ME)

The Village of Ginostra is a small village located in the south-west part of the island of Stromboli and is accessible only by sea.
The charm of this place it starts from its small port which, due to its tiny size, is called “il Pertuso”, a Sicilian term to indicate a very small hole. For centuries this marina was considered the smallest in the world , in fact it can accommodate only one mooring boat. In 2004, however, an extension was made to facilitate docking in case of rough sea: until then, if the sea was a bit rough, Ginostra remained isolated.
The town is connected to the port by a '< b> ancient mule track . On this mule track for the transport of goods donkeys have always been used, recently the use of motorized wheelbarrows has been introduced, which if on the one hand they have taken away a bit of poetry from this place, on the other hand they have greatly facilitated the life of the inhabitants of Ginostra.
The town has a central square from which two small streets wind, one leading to the church and the other to the beach of San Lazzaro. The inhabitants of Ginostra are about thirty and live in the typical Aeolian style houses.

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