Antiquarium in Capo d'Orlando

Antiquarium in Capo d'Orlando


 Via del Fanciullo - Capo D'Orlando (ME)

The Agatirnide Antiquarium in Capo D’Orlando, established on 20 December 2002, represents the historical soul of the ancient Hellenic city of Agatirno, founded, according to legend, by the son of the god Aeolus, Prince Agatirso.
The museum area, commissioned by a group of young people who undertook a course of study on the presence of this ancient city during the 70s and 80s, houses a multitude of artifacts that can be placed between the Bronze Age and the first century AD. coming from the Roman Baths of Bagnoli, from funerary areas of the IV-III century BC. found on the slopes of Monte della Madonna, and from numerous finds that took place throughout the municipal area.

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