Castle of Castel di Lucio

The Castle of Castel di Lucio stands on a rock that dominates the town.
It was built in the 12th century by the Ventimiglia family, lords of the entire Nebrodi and Madonie ridge.
Today the castle is in a state of ruins : only the remains of the masonry remain and only the eastern tower is almost completely intact.
Originally, however, its structure was much more complex and has come down to us through the writings of Nicotra: the castle was made up of two towers joined by walls; the entrance to the castle was on the side of the tower to the east. Another wall delimited the external space of the castle, where there was a cistern, and had a defense function.
From some historical documents, the writings of a master employed to demolish the structure, the explanation of why the castle was given has been gradually dismantled: in the 19th century the dukes of Agraz, the last owners of the castle, sold the carved stones, the tiles, and anything else that could be sold and reused in other buildings.

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