Sant’Isidoro De Cordova Villa a Bagheria

Sant’Isidoro De Cordova Villa a Bagheria


 Viale Sant'Isidoro, 41 - Santa Flavia (PA)

Villa Sant’Isidoro De Cordova is a villa located in Aspra, a hamlet of Bagheria, which, restored and enhanced by the heirs, has now been used as a museum. The villa has maintained the integrity of the structure, furnishings, works and furnishings over the years.
The original function of the villa, maintained until the twentieth century, was that of a farm specialized in the production of citrus fruits, olives, grapes and peaches that were marketed in Germany and England.
A monumental staircase leads to the noble floor. In the east wing there are private rooms with stucco decorations, which include a study and two bedrooms, while in the west wing are the representative rooms, where portraits of the family's ancestors are exhibited. The rooms are connected to each other by wooden doors decorated with gold leaf with polychrome paintings that embellish the rooms.
The museum which is located in the villa allows the use of all the works, some masterpieces and precious documents, including family arms collections, collection of coins and banknotes, collection of cameras, film cameras and tools for developing photographs and for retouching, vintage toys and comics, clothing display, hats, footwear and accessories for women and men.

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