Diocesan Museum in Monreale

Diocesan Museum in Monreale

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 Piazza Arcivescovado, 8 - Monreale (PA)

The Diocesian Museum of Monreale, located in the Archbishop's Palace, exhibits significant masterpieces of sacred art that narrate the history of faith, Christian devotion and the varied artistic expression of the Diocese. The museum houses collections of paintings, sacred vestments and liturgical objects, as well as a beautiful cycle of frescoes from the 1700s.
The museum is spread over three levels: on the ground floor we find the Sala San Placido, an exhibition space for altarpieces and the large tapestry with William's Dream; on the first floor, two rooms exhibit works from the Norman age up to the seventeenth century; on the second floor, a path has been created that traces the history of the Diocese. Also on the second floor is the ethno-anthropological section.
The baroque chapel of the Crucifix in the Cathedral of Monreale is also part of the exhibition itinerary, where all the works of art commissioned by Archbishop Giovanni Roano are exhibited .

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