Foro Italico in Palermo

Foro Italico in Palermo

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 Foro Italico Umberto I - Palermo (PA)

The Foro Italico di Palermo or promenade of the Marina is a large green area on the seafront of Palermo and extends from Cala to villa Giulia , in the Kalsa district of the city.
The seafront was built in 1582 by the viceroy Marco Antonio Colonna. In 1734 the waterfront was enlarged and subsequently embellished, becoming one of the favorite leisure destinations of the citizens of Palermo. Throughout the domination of the Bourbons it was called Foro Bourbonico, until in 1848 the name was changed by the Sicilian Parliament to Foro Italico.
The Foro Italico hosts some interesting architectural jewels: the Mura delle Cattive , paved terraces that are located on top of the walls, which flank the facades of imposing buildings and which were used by widows to walk freely and with great privacy because the tradition that wanted them to be "prisoners" in the house, "bad" in Sicilian; the Palchetto della Musica in neoclassical style used to host musicians who cheered the summer walks of the nobility and bourgeoisie with sweet symphonies.
The place is now also suitable for children, there is a playground and a large lawn on which to play.

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