Branciforte Palace Museum in Palermo

Branciforte Palace Museum in Palermo

Stendhal55 - CC4.0


 Largo Gae Aulenti, 2 - Palermo (PA)

The Branciforte Palace Museum, located in a historic building in the heart of the city, is an exhibition space where history is combined with archeology, modern and contemporary art, books and the great Italian culinary tradition.
The museum is spread over an area of ​​5,650 square meters and offers space and usability to some prestigious Collections.
On the ground floor the archaeological collections and majolica are exhibited; on the main floor there are the philatelic and numismatic collections and the sculptures, together with the historic Library, of which the reading room is crossed. From here you can also access the evocative environments of Monte di Santa Rosalia, a rare still existing example of wooden architectural composition, now destined to host temporary art exhibitions and the permanent exhibition of the Giacomo Cuticchio Pupi Siciliani Collection.

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