Servi Quarry in Modica

Servi Quarry in Modica

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 SP107 - Modica (RG)

The Cava dei Servi di Modica is a quarry of naturalistic and archaeological interest. The quarry is characterized by a rather varied geological conformation located not far from the Monte Lauro massif. Overhanging rocky walls alternate in the area with flat areas and deep gorges where the water of the Tellesimo stream flows.
From a naturalistic point of view, you can admire holm oak and oak woods, with stretches of garrigue made up of plants low shrubs. Among the shrubs, shrubby thyme is predominant, an aromatic essence loved by bees that produce the famous Thyme honey.
Along the Cava dei Servi the Tellesimo stream forms the Gorgo della Campana, a circular lake whose depth cannot be measured: the stream bed has in fact some sheer walls, pierced by caves.
Overhanging the overhangs of the Cava dei Servi there is a semicircular dolmen made up of rectangular slabs stuck in the ground on which three others are arranged, inclined enough to reduce the roof surface and model a false dome. Below a large plate overturned on the ground, human fragments were found as well as some ceramic shards dating back to the Castellucciano period which confirmed the sepulchral nature of the artifact and which allowed the dolmen to be dated to the early Bronze Age, between 2200. and 1600 BC. There is also a necropolis with artificial caves dating back to the beginning of the second millennium BC.

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