Church of Ecce Homo in Ragusa

Church of Ecce Homo in Ragusa


 Via SS. Rosario, 13 - Ragusa (RG)

The Church of the Ecce Homo in Ragusa is one of the best examples of the Ragusa Baroque. The Ecce Homo church occupies a characterizing, even dominant position in the new urban fabric of the new city in which it was rationally embedded.
According to tradition, it was built on the site of a small country church dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario. The construction of the Ecce Homo church began in 1808, but only in 1842, at the behest of Don Giovanni Boscarino, did the work to complete the construction of the church resume.
The church has a majestic facade drowned, unfortunately, by tall buildings that surround the tiny churchyard. It is divided into three orders and is in the composite Baroque style. On the façade, four mighty statues depicting the evangelists rest on cornices supported by slender columns, which taper as the orders rise up to the belfry, dominated by a spire off-center with respect to the vertical of the building.
The interior a Latin cross is characterized by the presence of small domes above the two aisles. The naves are divided by just three pillars, the last of which supports the arch of the transept on which the dome, which was never built, was supposed to be built. To admire the richness of the stuccos and decorations of blue color, made by the Sesta brothers in 1864. They are finely decorated and gilded frames, friezes, moldings so as to create an architectural ensemble of considerable aesthetic impact.
Of considerable value are the "Serassi" organ from 1857, a prestigious instrument of absolute sound fidelity, and the beautiful artistic stained glass windows by the great master Duilio Cambellotti, depicting the Nativity, Christ crowned with thorns and the Holy Spirit.

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