Mazara del Vallo Cathedral

Mazara del Vallo Cathedral

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 Piazza della Repubblica - Mazara del Vallo (TP)

The Cathedral of Mazara del Vallo, dedicated to the Holy Savior, the main Catholic place of worship in the city, is an elegant example of Sicilian Baroque.
It was built in 1093 at the behest of Gran Conte Ruggero I, who made a vow during the victorious battle against the Saracens sustained in 1072, on the same site where there was a place of worship built by the Arabs during their domination of the city. Of this primitive construction only the apse part remains as the church was remodeled in the Baroque era and therefore ended up adopting the compositional richness of the time.
The facade, completed in 1906, divided into three orders, flanked by a mighty baroque bell tower, is one of the most scenic in the entire city. At the first order, of particular value is the portal with a relief from 1534 depicting Count Roger on horseback, and a majestic frame, composed of two splendid side columns that flow into the sculptural group placed on top. The second order is characterized by the presence of statues and columns, while the third has a splendid circular polychrome rose window placed next to the sumptuous belfry.
The interior has a basilica plan divided into three naves by Tuscan columns that make up the arches. roundabout. The elegance of the interiors is given by the presence of colored majolica to which scenographic decorations with stuccos are added.
Among the works kept in the church of considerable value are: a marble portal by Bartolomeo Berrettaro dating back to 1525 which gives access to the chapter house, in the vestibule of which there are two Roman sarcophagi depicting the Amazonomachy and the Hunt of Meleager; two relief sarcophagi from the 16th century and a Madonna and Child from the Gagini school; the group of the Transfiguration by Antonino Gagini of 1537; a cross on a table from the 13th century.

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