Castelluccio Palace in Noto

Castelluccio Palace in Noto

Le Grand Tour 2018 - CC4.0


 Via Cavour, 10 - Noto (SR)

The Palazzo Di Lorenzo del Castelluccio is one of the most fascinating palaces in Noto.
The building belonged to the Di Lorenzo family, marquesses of Castelluccio, one of the oldest families in the city. It was built in 1782, a period that followed the violent earthquake of 1693 which destroyed much of the Val di Noto. The wealthy family participated in the reconstruction of the town after the earthquake of 1693 and in the construction of the new cathedral. The Castelluccio family lived in the building until the mid-twentieth century. The last Marquis, in 1981 bequeathed the palace to the Order of Malta, of which he had been a Knight. In 2011 Palazzo Castelluccio was bought by the current owner, Jean-Louis Remilleux, who started the complete restoration.
Its facade, which stands on Via Cavour, does not adopt the typical Baroque style of the reconstructions carried out at that time to the main buildings of the city, but rather follows a neo-classical style, in vogue at the end of the 18th century. The neoclassical taste characterizes all the architecture and decoration of Palazzo Castelluccio: in the capitals of the windows and in the well-preserved frescoes of the vaults and walls of the noble floor. value, in addition to the frescoes on the walls and vaults, are the reproductions of the original wallpaper, among which the one of the Salone dei Volcani stands out, the Sicilian majolica floors, and the collection of furniture, paintings and objects of art and of the time.

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