D'Alcontres Castle in Nizza di Sicilia

D'Alcontres Castle in Nizza di Sicilia


 Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 78 - Nizza di Sicilia (ME)

The remains of the Castle of Alcontres in Nizza di Sicilia are still visible near the historic center in Via d'Alcontres Castello.
It was built between 1583 and 1627. In 1674 it was occupied by Messina but was reconquered by Don Luigi Moncada helped by fellow villagers and Spaniards. The latter used it as a defensive fortress in favor of the current Marina di Roccalumera, placing seven guns there. Unfortunately, over the years parts of the Castle have been destroyed, such as the square tower and the rampart on the Catania side. During the restoration in 1989, the balcony and shelves were rebuilt, and a staircase leading to the main entrance was built. It is also possible to admire parts of the ancient walls, clearly visible is one of the entrance doors near the Church of San Giovanni Battista.

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