Museum of the Risorgimento of Nizza di Sicilia

Museum of the Risorgimento of Nizza di Sicilia


 Corso Umberto I, 192 - Nizza di Sicilia (ME)

The Museum of the Risorgimento in Nizza di Sicilia preserves and exhibits weapons and relics, documents, announcements, proclamations, coins, medals, letters, evidence of a free public primary school inaugurated under the Bourbon reign, paintings, prints, which reproduce moments and characters of the Risorgimento . It is divided into two wings: the left wing is made up of the Garibaldi, Interdonato, Flag and Arms rooms; the right wing instead includes documents and a library with texts on Risorgimento themes.
The museum is housed in a building from the late nineteenth century, an example of late neoclassical architecture. The main façade presents a composed succession on two levels of French windows and balconies which with their uniformity enhance the two central openings, the importance of which is revealed by the frame of the main door formed by fluted marble pilasters that support the capitals and therefore the round arch and the overhanging balcony surmounted by a tympanum framed by a continuous sime pediment. The shelves of the balconies and architraves are embellished with acanthus leaves.

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