Church of Santa Maria della Cava in Favignana

Church of Santa Maria della Cava in Favignana


 Strada del Cimitero - Favignana (TP)

The Country Church of the Madonna della Piana di Favignana was the last one founded by the military around 1620. The military erected this church at such a distance from the castle to imitate the people of Trapani in their pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Trapani outside the city gates. In fact, the original statue of the Madonna della Piana resumed the features of the statue of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Trapani. In 1954 the original statue in local stone, due to the neglect of time, was replaced by a new one in Vicenza stone which was also colored after its placement. The new statue was blessed and the old one was demolished by the parish priest, but the head was recovered by the devotees and placed in the Niche of the Madonna della Cava which is located on the road leading to the building.
The small country church continues its activity religious during the first fortnight of August perpetuating the original cult as in the past.

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