Hypogeum Gardens in Favignana

Hypogeum Gardens in Favignana

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  Favignana - Isole Egadi (TP)

The Hypogeum Gardens of Favignana are born in the disused tuff quarries, which were transformed by the islanders into vegetable gardens and gardens. Walking through the streets of Favignana, you can see, along the roads, tuff quarries inside which luxuriant plants grow.
The great advantage obtained in using these places that are below the surface is protection from the wind, which blows strongly on the island, guaranteed by the high walls. The contribution of the sun and the climate of the island have given rise to a natural greenhouse, which has made it possible to have a warm climate in winter and cool in summer in the absence of strong winds.
In the underground gardens it is possible to admire many vegetables but above all splendid fruit trees such as fig, almond, pear, orange and prickly pear.

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